Phoenix Comicon Company Makes 8 Redundant Before 2019 Show

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Square Egg Entertainment, the company behind Phoenix Comicon – sorry, I mean Phoenix Comic Fest – sorry, I mean Phoenix Fan Fusion, as well as Minnesota Fan Fusion, and the new Vegas Fan Fusion – has confirmed a number of redundancies made across the convention organiser. “As a business, we must align internal organizational structure to match ongoing business needs,” said Kristin Rowan, Square Egg’s director of marketing, public relations and sales, to Nerdvana who broke the story. “This allows us to effectively and efficiently meet organizational goals and adapt to any changing market conditions or needs. This occasionally impacts certain positions, as it has this week.”

They declined to comment on how many people had gone or who they were. However a comparison of their staffer page and the version in Google’s Cache reveals the following missing entries…

All fine folk, I understand, if you are in the market for people experienced with running comic conventions under unusual amounts of stress…

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